Thursday, February 12, 2009

A penny pinching Valentine's Day...

This year Jeff and I are trying to be budget friendly and have Valentine's dinner at home. Jeff even offered to cook, bonus! With the economy the way it is I am sure we are not the only ones watching every penny. Here are a few budget friendly ways to celebrate this Valentine's Day:

1. Instead of buying a card...get out the construction paper and markers and make your own card. This homemade card is bound to melt the heart of your sweetie...bets anything Hallmark could have said.

2. Instead of getting your sweetie expensive jewelry or an expensive golf club, make a coupon book that contains fun coupons such as, free massage, free night off from cooking, free breakfast in bed, etc. Who doesn't love having things done for them!!!

Pic from
Ci Ci Studio

3. Instead of a box of pricey Godiva chocolates get in the kitchen and make something yourself. It can be as simple as chocolate covered strawberries...hard to mess up and everyone LOVES them.

4. Instead of an expensive dinner make dinner at home together (with a glass of wine in hand of course). Or have a picnic at your local park. Maybe even order in. You could also go out to dessert and have dinner at home...this would be a huge cost savings.

5. Instead of fresh cut flowers, a plant is a more cost effective it will last a lot longer than those $100 roses.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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