Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A successful garage sale...

I had a rummage sale in early September to get rid of a bunch of stuff that we didn't need anymore. I wasn't expecting much...a few bucks and sometime to sun bathe...well we actually made $500!!!!!! Woo-hoo. I got several comments from garage sale shoppers that my sale was one of the most organized they had seen. Of course I blushed...I love compliments like that. Here are some tips for having a successful garage sale...or rummage sale as we call them in WI.

1. All items that you haven't used in 1 year (including clothes, housewares, jewelry, etc) are perfect candidates for your garage sale.

2. Advertise, advertise, advertise. Place an ad in your local paper (there is a minimal fee), advertise on garage sale websites (many are free), tell your neighbors and place signs advertising your sale near all major intersections the day of the sale.

3. All items for sale should be clean, dust/stain free and in decent shape.

4. Organize all items into groups (kitchen, bath, electronics, toys, candles, clothes, etc) on tables. I used white plastic table cloths (from the dollar store) for the tables...make everything easier to see.

5. Hang all clothes...it makes it much easier for shopping to go through and less straightening for you.

6. If you are selling electronics make sure you have an accessible outlet for customer to test them item.

7. Price EVERYTHING. I did price most things separately, but for clothes/purses I did place sign on each end of the racks stating the prices. (ie. T-shirts $1, Shirts $2, Pants $3, etc.)

8. Have bags handy. I saved plastic bags for weeks and it still wasn't enough...our neighbor gave me some of hers...thanks Stella!

9. Have change on-hand.

10. Don't put your sale money into a box that is out in the open, it is too easy for someone to take...keep the money on you. I kept limited funds (enough for change) in my pocket. Of course you could always use a fanny pack...this is the ONLY time you should be wearing one :-)

11. Lock your home. This is especially true if you are having the sale by yourself...you might get distracted and not notice someone walking into your home.

12. All items not sold should NOT come back into your home. Take it directly to Salvation Army, Goodwill or another donation location. It stuff you don't need anymore right...so why bring it back into the house...you don't need it...donate it.

Here is a pic of our sale...

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