Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Golden Retriever Transport

At the beginning of May I got the opportunity to do my first transport. For those of you who doesn't know what a transport is, it is a network of people who drive "transport" animals from shelters(kill and no-kill) to their foster or forever homes. Our girl Sasha was transported from Indiana to Wisconsin, so I felt like this was my opportunity to pay it forward.

These boys and girls were in a kill shelter in Athens, GA and were saved by a Golden Retriever Rescue in Minnesota. I drove them from the Chicago suburbs to Janesville, WI. Were I handed them off to Lauren and Jason who were going to take them to Madison, WI. Eventually they got to their new homes in Minnesota later that day.

Hatch- 10 year old stray
Bear- 6 year old owner surrender

Chloe- 4 year old owner surrender
Them hanging out in the back of the car...napping

Next time your looking for a new family pet I urge you to adopt...not shop.

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